• Why drive a Rolls when you could drive a Volkswagen?
  • Why wear a Rolex when you could wear a Timex?
  • Why eat lobster when you could eat peanut butter?
  • Why explore North America at "See Level" in a luxurious glass domed railcar designed to afford full circle 360 panoramic viewing?

Our clients have discovered that "value" is very different from "cheap". Private railcar travel is admittedly expensive; our prices compare with those of upscale cruise lines.  "Value"  is what you get for what you pay.  "Value" is paying one price up front and not being nickel and dimed for drinks, food, and tips.

Mrs. August  Belmont,  that  grandest  of  New  York  Society  grande dames, summed it up exactly nearly a century ago when she stated,  "A  private car is not an acquired taste; one takes to it immediately."

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